Dead Hopes

by Skyburial

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Debut EP from Denver based band Skyburial.


released November 21, 2014

Production/tracking/mixing by Nick Nodurft of Rusty Sun Audio
Mastering by Jeremy Schaefer of All Poetic Audio
Art work by Brandon DeAtley of Deet Designs

All of our friends/fans who have helped make this past year possible for this band. We owe it all to you.
Special thank you to Bob Popp. RIP you will be forever missed.



all rights reserved


Skyburial Denver, Colorado

Formed in early 2014, SKYBURIAL has brought the message of hate back to Denver with angry, violent music. Their new EP Faithless Eternal out now!


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Track Name: Whiskey Shortage

I awoke when the serpent spoke.
To me, he said, "Destroy.
The monster you hold deep in your heart will consume the Earth."
My hate-filled youth burned through my soul.

My heart pumps hate into every part of me.
My heart pumps hate into every part of me.
My heart pumps hate into every part of me.
My heart pumps hate into every part of me.

Fuck the son.
I was born shit.
"Repent" the Father said.
But I have seen Truth; my sins need no cleansing,
I have embraced them, to fuel my rage.

"When you die, There will be no
No songs, no light, just dirt all around."
My mind is a darkness; no light.

The Son told me, "you're in a state of decay."
So I told him, "I was born this way."
Destruction is woven into my soul.
Tangled in your web of lies.

I'll be content when they're all dead.
I hope Death will come for me today.

Half a bottle in,
And I don't give a fuck.
Nothing can save me, and I don't want to be.
Salvation is an empty promise.
A bottle down and I've got all the cleansing I need.

Six feet of dirt is my final resting place.
"Repent". My sins fuel my rage.
Track Name: Alone
Beating hearts beware.
I am the cold touch of death.
Degenerate soul.
Nothing but a fucking hole.

My heart is a graveyard of failed love.
My mind is a crowded room of my hatred. Can you see the void through my eyes?
All traces of love have left my body.

I will block out everything you love.
I am a black hole of misery.

And the worst part is that the best of me comes out when I'm alone.
And the best part is that the worst in me comes out when I'm alone.
Every second, every moment past
Is another part of life I never lived.

All these thoughts in my head make me wish I was dead.
Why am I alive?
Track Name: Unforgiven
You better hope for your sake that god is real.
Hope he forgives you because I never will.

I've seen the deepest parts of hell in my mind.
I've tried so hard to accept this, but it is out of my control.

I've seen my father suffer.
I've seen my sisters' sadness.
My life fell the fuck apart.
You brought out a hatred in me I did not know was real.

You hypocritical piece of shit.
Your life is a fucking disgrace.
You manipulated the minds of those in need for your own selfish pleasure.

You write like you know what you're doing.
You're a dead beat,
Waste of life.
Stop trying to force yourself into my life.
Consumed by rage.
I will never forgive you.

Hide behind the "word of god."
You may fool her,
But you don't fool me.
You perverted fuck,
I see right through through you.

I want to watch you fucking die.

Sorry mother.
I know this hurts.
But what you've done,
And what he's caused is the destruction of a family.
How can you call yourself a man of god?

Most of all,you scum mother fucker.
You took the thing I took the most pride in and ruined the last chance at hope I had.
I am the fires of hell.

I would sell my soul to watch the life leave your eyes.
To be buried in an unmarked grave.

I am the fires of hell.
And I will consume you like the hatred you brought into my mind.
Track Name: Dead Hopes
Congratulations world, you have broke me down.
Most days, I feel like I have given up.
My life could be so different, but I don't know how.
I question the choices I've made.
How did I end up this way?

Happiness has been a foreign concept to my life.
I don't know why it's so hard for me to be content.

I put my passion into hatred.
And my hatred kept me fucking sane.

I never thought that it would end this way.
I feel like I have nowhere to go.
Not a single person to turn to.
I am on my own.
And I've come to terms with that.

It's not that I regret the things that I have done with my life.
But why can't I see myself with a future?

I spend every minute choking back my words.
Restrain myself from saying how I really feel.
Anger is a part of me.
I hate damn near everything,

All my hopes are dead.

While everyone else is at the top, I'll sit here at rock fucking bottom.

I'm not ashamed of a goddamn thing.

Living with regret is a waste of time.
Track Name: Suffering
You can't hate me more than I do.
You can't hate me more than I do.
A putrid waste of flesh and space.

The vultures circle. Awaiting.
The vultures circle. Awaiting.
My end is so fucking near now.

Drowning in an ocean of self loathing.

All the malice I have built
blackened my heart until
I was left stuck in my head.

I will die a waste,
Leaving you with the memory of my worthless existence.

I am not a man of honor.
Dear friend of the reaper.
A worthy death sentence,
Condemn me.

I am Death's right hand.

Drag me to Hell by the rope around my
Asphyxiation. Choking on stomach bile.

Suffering in life.
Suffering in life.

I wish I was dead.
My sins; catching up.
Track Name: Bomb Threat
I am the hangman.
13 coils for my sins.
'Round my neck the noose now sits.
I am the condemned.

I am guilty.